Timeshare Relief – How TSRC Can Help You Get Rid of Your Timeshare

Timeshare relief

A timeshare relief company is a business that helps clients who have trouble selling their timeshare weeks. Many times, it is hard to get out of a timeshare deal. This can leave a person out of pocket and unable to pay maintenance fees. These types of companies usually charge a few thousand dollars to get rid of your timeshare. It may take several years for you to pay off the service.

A good timeshare relief company will offer you a wide range of options. For example, if you have paid thousands of dollars to a developer, you may be able to get your timeshare back from the developer or you can try to find another developer. Other relief options include donating your timeshare to a charity or giving it to an organization that will be able to benefit from it. The cost of donating a timeshare may be tax deductible.

In some cases, the resort may be able to help you sell your timeshare. Alternatively, you can contact a law firm that specializes in timeshare law. They can tell you how to approach the resort and if you can get your timeshare sold. However, if you decide to sell the timeshare yourself, you should beware of sketchy resellers. You should beware of any company that claims they will pay for your timeshare and promises you a guaranteed amount.

Timeshare relief consultants often contact the timeshare owner without their permission. Most of these firms do not have a reputation for honesty. They also make false promises about their services. Some of them even attempt to resell your timeshare to a shell corporation. To avoid these problems, you should be sure to ask questions about the company’s operations and how it works.

Some companies are not legally authorized to provide exit services. Fortunately, this is not the case with TSRC. As a certifying entity of the American Resort Development Association, TSRC is able to reclaim your timeshare from a ‘no asset’ company.

If you are a timeshare owner, you should contact your resort for more information. It is your responsibility to keep your contractual obligations up to date and avoid a breach of contract. If your resort reports you as non-paying, it will damage your credit. Also, you may receive calls from collectors and lenders. Even if you are unable to repay the money you owe, you can end the contract through a cancellation.

Timeshare Relief was founded by David and Cindy MacMillan in 2004. It was created after they found that their 1999 timeshare was not a profitable venture. Their goal was to provide high quality and quick services for timeshare owners who had difficulty selling their timeshare weeks.

The company is staffed with four full-time attorneys and a dozen support staff. There are many licensed paralegals who work with the legal team.

You will need to explain the situation to the company before you can begin the process of surrendering your timeshare. Depending on the company, the process may cost you a couple hundred dollars or it may require a few more thousand.

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Go Head to Head with debt collectors and come out smiling

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