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There is no one size fits all. Each client has a different situation. However, our team is experienced in credit management, risk management, debt removal, real estate law, timeshare contracts, Consumer Protection, Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collection Act, and Data Management.

We are located in Orlando, Florida the center of the timeshare industry. We are managed and operated under one of the  nation’s fastest growing timeshare consumer defense, timeshare fraud recovery, debt collector abuse, consumer credit reporting violation defense, deceptive sales tactics, title fraud, and identity theft recovery company to date. We  deliver consumer education , consumer protection to the timeshare owners. We defend consumers against deceptive sales tactics done by timeshare sales agents, and stop elder abuse by the timeshare financial associates. 

Timeshare Cancellation

Our focus is not limited to canceling your timeshare. We complete proper legal case building and document preparation for legal action. Whether the case settles outside of court or is litigated in Federal court, we will win. We target all recovery of funds, court costs, and attorney’s fee’s. In some cases depending on program acceptance our clients enter into our associated non-profit where the clients fee’s are tax deductible.

We don’t stop with the timeshare themselves but have recovered money from timeshare resale and rental companies who defrauded Americans for almost two decades. We lead the charge in leveling the playing field, protecting our clients, ensuring their future, and provide a lifetime of security for all enrolled accounts.

We work hard to successfully help people find financial and emotional freedom from their unwanted timeshares. Call now for a free consultation.

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