Timeshare Relief – How to Find Legitimate Timeshare Relief Companies

Timeshare relief

Timeshare relief is an increasingly popular service offered to consumers seeking to get out of unwanted timeshare vacation contracts. These services help customers deal with the legal aspects of their timeshares so they can move on from an unwanted, expensive purchase. However, it’s important to be aware that not all timeshare cancellation companies are created equal.

Quality operations take pride in educating their clients about the different timeshare termination options they have available to them. They also explain the complexities of fractional ownership and how to navigate the process to achieve an effective and efficient outcome.

In addition to being able to explain the various options, these operations know how to anticipate and stop any potential threats by resort employees or other third parties that could potentially derail the cancellation process. This knowledge helps prevent owners from falling victim to deceit, intimidation and malicious attempts to keep them in their units.

Recission laws vary by state, so make sure you research the correct ones before you contact a company to terminate your timeshare contract. You can find a list of the major state’s laws online, or you can call your local consumer protection agency to learn about them.

You can also get free advice from your state’s attorney general, who can warn you about timeshare exit firms that have been reported to their office or have been the subject of high-profile filings by the attorney general. In some states, you can even file a complaint with the state agency or BBB if you are dissatisfied with the results of a timeshare cancellation company’s efforts.

Whether you have purchased a new or existing timeshare, you may be able to use your rescission rights, which are a cooling-off period that allows you to cancel the purchase without any penalty. You can also negotiate with your developer to void your contract if you are not satisfied.

Then, you can hire a timeshare relief company to handle the rest of the paperwork for you. These companies often charge a fee to handle this work, and you’ll want to make sure the company you choose is legitimate and will follow through on their promises.

Be sure to carefully read the timeshare exit contract and ask for references from previous clients. This is one of the most critical components of the process and should be a priority in your decision-making process.

It’s also a good idea to check your state’s credit reporting laws before you begin the timeshare relief process or to hire an attorney if you have any doubts. Some debt relief companies will try to hide or misrepresent their services, and this can damage your credit score.

These types of companies are also known to give misleading sales presentations, claim they can exit your timeshare within a certain time frame, and fail to deliver on their promise to give you a refund or to help you out of your timeshare vacation contract entirely.

Fortunately, a growing number of timeshare exit companies are taking notice of the growing demand for their services and are doing everything they can to ensure that their clients have the best possible experience. But beware – not all of them are created equal and you can be scammed if you aren’t careful.

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