How to Write a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

Timeshare Cancellation

If you’re thinking about canceling a timeshare, you may be surprised by how many steps and costs are involved. Fortunately, there are some timeshare cancellation services that can help you get out of the deal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Write a Cancellation Letter:

A strong, well-written timeshare cancellation letter can be the key to getting your money back, regardless of what you signed. It should be short and to the point, containing everything that is required in your contract.

Make sure that your letter is mailed within the rescission period, which will vary depending on state law. You should also use certified mail to ensure that you can prove that your letter was delivered to the proper party.

Send the Letter via a Reliable Courier

The timeshare industry is known for shady deals and fraudulent activity. This is why it’s important to send your letter using a reliable courier, like FedEx or UPS. These companies provide return receipts that will prove the letter was received, and that it was sent to the right place.

Proof that you sent the letter correctly is a big part of any timeshare cancellation claim. This is especially true if you’re sending your letter by email or fax. You need to ensure that you include the date and time of your fax or email, as well as a copy of your faxed or mailed cancellation letter.

Check your state’s statute on timeshare rescission laws before you write a letter. In Nevada, for example, you have to send your letter to the developer’s address within three days of executing your purchase agreement or receiving all of the necessary documents.

If you don’t send your letter within this timeframe, the timeshare company can argue that you don’t want to cancel. That can be a huge headache and could even result in you losing your money.

Find a Cancellation Service:

A reputable timeshare cancellation company should be able to offer you a free consultation and assessment of your situation. During this consultation, the representative will meet with you personally to discuss your property details and determine whether you qualify for their services. They should also review all of your options and evaluate the best plan for you to exit ownership.

Ensure that the letter is dated and includes a return receipt.

The timeshare cancellation process can be confusing and frustrating, especially when dealing with management companies that are infamous for their aggressive tactics and misinformation. It’s essential to have a professional guide you through the whole process from start to finish, so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

Keep the Letters & Proofs:

A strong, legal timeshare cancellation letter will be vital to your success. You must send your letters to the developer in a timely manner, so that they have plenty of time to process them and respond to your claims. It’s also a good idea to have multiple copies of your letters so that you have a backup in case you need to refer to them in the future.

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Go Head to Head with debt collectors and come out smiling

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